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Vivek Ballal
Founder, Managing Director

Vivek Ballal, a successful entrepreneur in the area of manufacturing, had the foresight to launch ID Smart Cards when digital technology was just emerging. With an engineering background, he is the technical mainstay of the company. Over the years, he and the team have built a robust facility that can upscale productivity while keeping pace with evolving technological realities. He believes in fast adoption to technology while keeping infrastructure lean, efficient and agile.

Anil Agarwal
Co-founder, Director

With a fine sense of marketing acumen, Anil was up to the challenge of venturing into the new areas with ID Smart Cards from inception. He is a proactive part of the core team and has worked actively to create the company culture of trust and teamwork. He has been instrumental in client acquisition and development of growth strategies to expand the company’s footprint across all industry verticals.

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