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Border Security

At ID Smart we produce smart cards for secure access to restricted areas In the area of border security smart cards technology is an important tool to secure unauthorised access. The use of biometrics and encryption is key to keeping everything safe. At ID Smart we produce smart cards for secure access to restricted areas. We are here to redefine what's possible in border protection, making sure that security and progress always go hand in hand.


We have been a forerunner in the manufacture of smart card products for the transportation and mobility sector. Our smart cards are meticulously designed to align with the needs of the industry. We produce fortified, efficient, and dependable smart card products specifically designed for ticketing, access control, and various transportation applications. We ensure that our smart card products contribute to the seamless and secure travel experiences of commuters worldwide, whether in public transit, parking facilities, or other mobility services.

Secured Identity

ID Smart is a trusted partner for Defence and Public Sector Units, specializing in the supply of dependable smart cards tailored to the needs of different departments. Our client base extends beyond national borders, as we provide secure smart cards to defence establishments in other countries as well. By prioritizing security standards, ID Smart produces cards that are reliable to safeguard sensitive information for defence and public sectors on domestic and international fronts.


ID Smart has been working with the government in revolutionizing the healthcare sector by supporting the cashless medical healthcare for the general population. Smart cards have been instrumental in facilitating cashless healthcare benefits outlined in government schemes and providing access to medical services seamlessly without the need for cash transactions.


In the ever-evolving scenario of e-governance, ID Smart Cards has been partnering with government agencies in the production and delivery of smart cards that assist in the seamless rollout of secure identity, government schemes and initiatives. Our smart cards help to unlock efficiency, authentication, and data-driven governance, breathing life into visions of public service transformation, allowing millions secure access.


ID Smart Cards have a manufacturing facility fully equipped to serve the continously changing needs of the fintech industry. We support fintech companies and their partners by providing solutions like dual interface, zigzag inlays, COM inlays, tap and pay cards, and wearables. Our commitment is to make sure we adapt and offer versatile solutions to the financial services sector.

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