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What type of Smart Cards are Dual interface and hybrid cards ?

Dual interface and hybrid cards are types of smart cards that combine contact and contactless technologies. Dual interface smart cards have both contact and contactless options, but they both support a single smart card with shared storage and modules.

Hybrid cards contain more than one chip card inside it having no interface with each other and are basically two cards in one. These cards are used to enhance security, reduce frauds, and allow future value-added applications to the end-user industries including banking, telecommunication, and government. Smart cards are classified based on type as contact-based smart cards, contactless smart cards, dual interface smart cards, and hybrid smart cards. The smart card market is segmented into high-end and low-end applications, with high-end applications including the government, healthcare, transportation, telecommunications, financial services, retail and loyalty, and pay TV sectors. Smart cards are used for various applications, including payment cards, employee ID badges, medical records cards, transit cards, health ID cards, and more.