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Contactless and Dual Interface Inlays

Contactless and Dual Interface Inlays

Dual Interface Card Inlays refer to advanced technology that allows access to the same chip using both contact and contactless interfaces like a DI inlay or Biometric inlay which can be used for Dual interface Cards, Hybrid Smart Cards, EMV banking card or a Biometric Cards, providing a high level of security as with the case of Contactless inlays allowing access to contactless chip interface like a electronic passport inlay, Biometric inlay or a payment wearable inlay.

These inlays incorporate an antenna and a single chip equipped with both interfaces, operating in compliance with ISO/IEC standards for contact and contactless interfaces

The chip is embedded in materials like PVC, PETG, or polycarbonate, offering reliability and robustness

Dual Interface Card Inlays find applications in various sectors like banking, eGovernment, eID, public transport, and markets requiring enhanced security and memory compared to standard contactless cards

They are part of the growing smart card market, with increased demand for contactless connectivity driving their adoption.

The production process involves complex steps like milling, construction, and testing, ensuring durability and functionality.

Overall, Dual Interface Card Inlays represent a significant technological advancement in the realm of secure and versatile card-based transactions.